Finishing works

Finishing works are a large complex of processes that are performed during the erection of buildings and after their completion in order to increase the durability of structures, give them aesthetic appearance and create the necessary conditions for operators.

Types of works provided by our company:


  • stucco
  • unpainted plaster (putty)
  • drywall ceiling
  • modular ceiling (Armstrong, Grillato)
  • rack ceilings
  • Floor

  • strainer
  • leveling
  • polymeric bulk floor
  • device of ceramic and porcelain tiles, granite, marble
  • gluing of linoleum, PVC tile, carpet, carpet tiles
  • arrangement of parquet, parquet board, laminate
  • plinth ceramic, PVC, carpet
  • Walls, partitions, slots

  • arrangement of brick partitions
  • installation of plasterboard structures (partitions, false walls, boxes)
  • mechanized plaster cement, cement-lime, gypsum
  • unpainted plaster (putty)
  • machine and manual painting
  • decorative plaster
  • installation of decorative panels
  • gluing tiles
  • filling of apertures (doors, windows)