Reconstruction and repair of buildings

The reconstruction of the building involves an assessment of its condition and the performance of a set of construction works aimed at re-arranging or reproducing individual constructions for the purpose of improving or changing its functional purpose and extending the life of further operation.

We completely change the building, resulting in a completely new look, improving its performance for each activity. In addition to changing the appearance and appearance, we can offer a change of its direct purpose, from production to office, or from warehouse to shopping, etc. The reconstruction of buildings from our company guarantees high technical and economic performance of the changed structures.

The main types of work provided by our company:

  • replacement of water supply, sewerage, heating
  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • building and finishing works
  • electrical networks and lighting
  • installation of fire safety systems
  • front work
  • installation of SCS, SKD, video surveillance
  • roofing works
  • installation of translucent structures and more …

  • Department of the Registry Office of Borisoglebsk District